We are EGMI

EGMI is dedicated to creating campaigns that drive awareness of the exceptional benefits offered by our region—including opportunities for living, working, investing, and visiting— with the ultimate goal of fostering a thriving, growing economy.

The past year, EGMI achieved milestones such as the creation of a mobile-friendly website designed to inform and attract investors to the East Gippsland region, a revamped East Gippsland touring map widely used for promotion of the area as a tourist destination and the support of East Gippsland Shire’s successful bid to become the first region in Victoria to gain Eco-Destination certification - recognising East Gippsland’s commitment to a sustainable future for our region, making it an desirable place to live and work.

We continue to collaborate with BTA’s and the local community to provide unwavering support and growth opportunities. Notably, our involvement in projects like Stay Omeo, Deadly in Gippsland First Nation's Business Expo, Bairnsdale Jobs Expo and the Orbost Visitor Economy Innovation Working Group, underscores our dedication to local ventures.
EGMI also manages the Visit East Gippsland website which drives visitation to the region, along with the Love East Gippsland social media channels.

EGMI will launch our own podcast later this year, focussed on the lives of East Gippslanders, particularly rural women living in the far outreaches on the Shire.