Welcome to the Rural Venture Collective podcast, the show that celebrates the strength, innovation and resilience of women across East Gippsland. We look forward to exploring this journey with you In a region where the land stretches wide and the community spirit runs deep.

We're here to share the stories of women who are making their mark, forging their own paths and connecting in ways that transcend distance. From the rolling hills to the coastal beauty, East Gippsland is not only a landscape of breathtaking views, but also a home to the adverse and dynamic community of women entrepreneurs, artists, farmers and change makers.

Through this podcast, we'll dive into the heart of East Gippsland and shine a spotlight on the incredible women who are shaping business, creating art, nurturing the land and fostering connections.

We'd love for you to join us as we uncover the stories of those who have turned challenges into opportunities, who've harnessed their passion to drive change and who've built bridges that bring our community closer together.

Whether you're a local resident or someone curious about the unique spirit of East Gippsland, this podcast is for you. We'll explore the triumphs, the lessons learned and the dreams that fuel these East Gippsland women.

Get ready to be inspired, to learn and to be a part of a collective that celebrates the shared experiences that make East Gippsland more than just a place but a home.