Case Study



In 2020, Bairnsdale resident and founder of software company Linked Success Group, Jason Corbett, saw an opportunity from the obligations of businesses to maintain health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The development of LivMate grew from the experiences in providing software products to manage attendance and visitors in schools. Livmate is an ideal way for venues to collect attendee information in a contactless way, making it safer for patrons to attend the venue. Personal details are not visible to other patrons that enter after them.

LivMate can be used in any location or business type and, due to being an agile and independent business, is able to be modified to meet individual needs. It is able to create, store and register groups or teams in one scan of a QR code, making it essential for any business rather than just using some fixed off the shelf product.

While QR codes have become part of our everyday life recently, their uses are not limited to pandemics. Jason explains “Some of our clients are now using the software for asset tracking and scheduling. Hospitality, schools, sporting clubs, retail, construction and building sites are just some of the areas that are seeing benefit from using Livmate.”

Says Tania McNamara from B & T McNamara Builders “We wanted something that not only met our contact tracing obligations but helped us to manage our building sites. The LivMate team personalised the product for us and created the compliance questions that we needed. We can now create a QR Code for each of our sites, track movement in and out as well as meeting workplace requirements.

We are really excited about using it on our worksites and believe that it will be great for our business.

Hayley Hardy, East Gippsland Marketing Inc., says “It’s great to see local businesses embracing technology to assist their growth and day to day running and seeing opportunities in often difficult situations.”

LivMate is keen to connect to more East Gippsland businesses and see long term growth in the region. As part of these goals, the business recently connected with East Gippsland Marketing. Jason said “We are a member of the business community of East Gippsland. We liked the ideas and philosophy of EGMI. We believe that by businesses working together we can all benefit, grow, provide employment, and help improve the lives of East Gippslanders.”

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