Case Study

Fenning Timbers


Bairnsdale-based Fenning Timbers is due to open the first stage of the Fenning Intermodal Freight Terminal (FIFT) at the end of the Gippsland rail line in 2022.

The first stage of the project, partially funded by the Victoria State Government, will use land adjacent to their Bairnsdale mill to meet a growing demand for rail freight in the region.

The establishment of the commercial light rail precinct will also provide better linkages to Melbourne and the rest of the state for East Gippsland businesses, in addition to upgrades made to the Gippsland line under the Victorian Freight Plan.

The rail Freight Intermodal Terminal in Bairnsdale has the ability to transport timber, resources, food and other bulk items direct to Melbourne and Bairnsdale via train. This removes large trucks from the highways and provides a quick transfer of items to metro and regional areas.

The FIFT is a positive step by Fenning Timbers to utilise their existing land and assets to diversify their business away from only processing native hardwood timber.

Stage 1 of the project will see upgrades to the site including the rail siding, existing infrastructure and improving refuelling, parking and access. In the longer-term, Stage 2 of the project would expand the FIFT’s footprint and build additional warehousing and storage facilities.

Managing Director of Fennings Timber, Leonard Fenning says “The Fenning Intermodal Freight Terminal Stage 1 project is on track to deliver a new environmentally sustainable freight and rail precinct for eastern Victoria as part of a masterplan that aligns with the government’s long-term policy.”

Fenning Timbers is proud to have been involved in the timber industry for over 70 years. Fenning Timber moved to the current site in Bairnsdale in 2000 and since that time has continually been updated with leading-edge technology and modern, cost-effective plant and equipment.

So far $60 million has been invested in state-of-the-art timber processing technology.

The site currently directly employs 20 people as well as providing employment opportunities within and well beyond the region.

It’s expected that with the FIFT, Fennings employee base will increase by 20.