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Who is East Gippsland Marketing?

We are funded by the local business community to promote and market East Gippsland.

Our aim is to assist in developing an economically viable future for East Gippsland through marketing the key strengths of our region.

Our Future Lies with You 

As a not-for-profit organisation, our responsibility and mission is to market East Gippsland as an ideal place to visit, live, work and invest. With your financial support we can build a great future for East Gippsland.

As with any successful brand, a co-ordinated approach to marketing ensures consistency in communication to your consumers, consistency of benefits presented and an increased likelihood of consumer take-up of the product.

In terms of regional marketing, consistency in our approach will result in higher visitation, improved funding for infrastructure, increased population and improved economic outcomes for the business community.

East Gippsland Marketing has helped to put ‘East Gippsland on the map’ and it is important that we can build on these foundations and continue developing the East Gippsland brand.

East Gippsland Marketing has attracted considerable funding from State and Local Government grants due to its co-ordinated approach to regional marketing on behalf of the East Gippsland community.


Contact Details

East Gippsland Marketing Inc.

PO Box 1753, Bairnsdale, Vic, 3875
Telephone: (03) 5152 3677