Tree Change

Is the idyllic lifestyle all it’s cracked up to be? 


Sophie Beasley & James Brownlie

IT’S very easy with a couple of gin and tonics under your belt and a hazy handle on your finances to imagine moving permanently to your favourite coastal or rural hide-out.

After all, on holidays there are no office egos to contend with, no queues for your favourite breakfast spot, no 5pm gridlock.

But tread carefully.

Many people mistake the happy holiday fug with a desire to live in a location permanently, however what may seem like the best idea you have had in decades could easily turn into a costly mistake.

Holidaying is a lot different from living somewhere day in and day out, but who bothers to remember that after the third poolside cocktail?

“In Australia we love our holidays and we tend to find ourselves thinking, ‘This is the life’ when we are on them,” McCrindle Research futurist Mark McCrindle says. “But the challenge is to move that holiday feeling into a broader context of what it would be like to live there every day.

“You have to realise that a tree change will not solve your problems, it will bring a new set. But if you say to yourself, ‘I would prefer those challenges than my current ones,’ that is OK.” 



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